Next Adult Choir : October 8, 9:30am Mass

PICKUP CHOIR: October 15, 9:30am Mass (assuming the building is open, otherwise we won't have a rehearsal space)

In case you missed rehearsal, take a look and listen to the links below.

Lineup for October 8, 9:30am Mass (Adult Choir)

Entrance: 441 O God Beyond All Praising     

Psalm: p. 144 in the Red Book (Listen) (Look)

Alleluia: p. 145 in the Red Book

Offertory: 522 O God of Bethel, by Whose Hand 

Communion 1: 701 O Salutaris (We can do ALL the verses, latin then english)

Communion 2: Christ Whose Glory Fills the Skies (Listen) (Look)

Sending Forth: 541 O Christ, Our Hope


Ave Verum - Josquin de Prez

Soprano | Alto | Baritone (Men) | ALL


O Magnum Mysterium (Christmas)