Children's Choir

Next Mass, Sunday Dec 3. 9:30am (9:00am call)

Student singers will meet at 9:00am at St. John Evangelist. We will need to rehearse in the music room.

Our singers are also going to learn the Litany of the Saints. Give it a listen by clicking the video below. 

Entrance Antiphon (there is no Entrance Hymn)




Offertory: Wait for the Lord



Communion 1: A Child's Hymn

This is a text I really enjoyed and wanted to share with the children. If you go to Saint John Evangelist, it can be found in our hymnals, #588. Give it a listen and look over the words.

Hymn: “God Make My Life a Little Light” by Matilda B. B. Edwards  Lord%20Make%20My%20Life.png

(click above to listen)


Post-Communion: Alma Redemptoris Mater


Sending - #618 They Kingdom Come




Puer Natus Est Nobis:



Salve Regina

First, if your singer(s) don't know the Salve Regina prayer in English, have them review the words. It is CRUCIAL that choristers know what they are singing, and knowing the English is often a good first start.

Next take a look at the Salve Regina in Latin. I've included two video links below, the first is a simple recitation of the spoken words, the second is a sing along version in the correct range for child singers.

Hail, Holy Queen Prayer (Salve Regina) – Catholic IDmaxresdefault.jpg