Giving Guide

Give Your "First Fruits" Back to God

To Parish...................5-8%
To Diocese...................1%
To Charities................1-4%


Catholic Foundation

The Catholic Foundation of Southwestern Indiana helps individuals and parishes by promoting stewardship, providing information on planned giving, establishing endowment vehicles, and managing foundation assets. The Catholic Foundation of Southwestern Indiana is a catalyst for Catholics to express their faith by providing perpetual financial security for their parishes and Catholic ministries.


Charitable Giving at Year-End

Federal tax laws and those of Indiana create a tax savings on funds you donate for charitable purposes. This can result in a lower tax bill while offering the opportunities to support causes in which you believe.

Charitable giving at year-end can result in extra tax savings. You can be a good steward of God’s gifts, help our parish with long-term financial planning and save on your taxes, too. In order for your gift to provide tax savings for this year, it must be received by December 31.

Call Bob Bindley at the Parish Office if you have any questions